Find yourself outside.


Campcellations is a multi platform application that allows users to find available campsites from thousands of Campgrounds across the United States and parts of Canada.  Currently Campcellations works on Apple devices including iphone and ipads, Android phones and tablets, Windows based computer systems and Apple Mac products.

What can I Search?

Search any online bookable campground found on Reserve America, ( National Parks, National Forest, USFDA, Army Corp of Engineers, and others ), Reserve California, British Columbia Parks System, Ontario Parks System, Washington State Parks, Alabama State Parks, as well as a number of regional/county parks systems we have found to be popular


When Campcellations finds an available campsite it pushes a notification to your phone with a distinguishable audible tone.   Using the Camplellation app makes it far more convenient and more readily available for users to know exactly when a site has come available.


If Campcellations finds an available campsite to book right away that meets your requirements a link will appear that will take you directly to the booking page.


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What does it do?

Campcellations works by allowing users to set up a search for campsites that are currently sold out by selecting the campground they want to get into, selecting a date range they would like to camp and the number of consecutive days they would like to camp.

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